Public School

 This page is dedicated to the public school option and will focus primarily on information that may be a little harder to find and hopefully make it a little easier for parents to get involved with the decisions being made regarding policy, curriculum, and any other topics concerning parents about their child's learning environment. 

First lets meet the Lincoln County Board of Education

  • Mark L Mullen, Chairperson. District 4. Term expires 2024.

  • Heather H. Rhyne, Vice Chairperson. District: At Large. Term expires 2024

  • Joan S Avery. District 2. Term expires 2022                                                

  • Myra H. Heavner. District 1. Term expires 2024                                                        

  • Tony A. Jenkins. District: At Large. Term expires 2022                                  

  • Christina H. Sutton. District 3. Term expires 2024                                   

  • D. Todd Wulfhorst. District 5. Term expires 2022                                           

  • Lets not forget our superintendent Dr. Aaron Allen

The school board holds meetings about once a month on average. Occasionally they will call special meetings. Anyone can attend the meetings but if you intend to speak to the board they have a very specific protocol in place. You will have to fill out a request form and send it too Cathy Gates, Clerk to the board within a specified amount of time. You then have to wait to be approved before being allowed to speak before the board. If allowed to speak you will be given 3 minutes after which they will cut the mic off whether or not there is anyone else waiting to speak. If someone happens to follow protocol and speak they will open the floor for others to speak on the same subject. Be prepared if you go to speak they often turn the mic cut on high and you will have to speak loudly or adjust the mic. Many people are unable to attend meetings, understandably. Unless in closed session the meetings are often streamed on youtube. 

I do believe it is a common misconception that all board members think alike and that most decisions made are unanimous. I would advise everyone who can to watch a few meetings, not  only will you gain insight on how decisions you may agree or disagree with are made but it will help you get to know the people who are running your children's schools a little bit better. You will be better able to see who has the best interest of the children in mind and be better informed come election time. When a member makes decisions that strongly you agree with or disagree with, contact them or email them so they can get a better sense of what the general public wants for their kids.

 One case and point to the above, during the 8/3/21 meeting Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Mullen, Ms. Rhyne, and Ms. Sutton all voted to approve a C-19 protocol that made masks optional for students and teachers. Ms. Avery, Ms. Heavener, and Mr. Wulfhorst  were opposed because they wanted to make mask mandatory regardless of any current situation. In fact Ms. Avery has expressed the idea of making them full time mandatory for the flu.

The board currently has a special work session planned for Tuesday, October 05 at 6:00 PM and their regular monthly meeting is scheduled for October 12 2021 at 6:30 PM. Both meetings will be held at 201 Jeb Seagle Drive, Lincolnton NC 28092