Home School

  While I do not currently homeschool, I have looked into it as an option. I have many friends who do and without them I am certain I still wouldn't know that much about it. I have found that while homeschooling programs can be used as a stand alone educational tool they have resources that can add to whatever form of education you have chosen for your children. It is very flexible and there is a wide variety of specific courses for whatever might interest and inspire a young mind. I will add info to this page as often as possible in order to give someone interested pursuing this form of education a jump start or at least help in deciding if it is a fit for them or not.


 Before you jump right into homeschooling, you need to first decide if it's right for you. My suggestion would be to first talk to someone who has done it. Next pick up some used homeschooling books and flip through them. You can sometimes find them at used book stores. It might surprise you to know that there are plenty of homeschooling parents in the Lincoln County area and that number seems to be growing. There are homeschool associations specifically for North Carolina which can be found easily enough online which can provide great information. I will be conferring with homeschoolers in our area as time goes on to provide more info and resources as we go.