About us

  Why the name 3MINUTES? Like many I started paying attention to what was going on at our public school systems this past year. I started watching our school board meetings on youtube. When a subject came up that I felt passionate about and felt I had something to add to their conversations, I looked for how to speak to the board at one of their meetings and found info on how to do that hard to find. I found that I had to jump through several hoops just for the chance to speak. When I was granted the opportunity to speak, I was given 3 minutes out of a 3 and a half hour meeting and they cut my mic off just to be sure I only got 3 minutes. There were no other speakers there so there was no kind of time crunch. After that it became clear to me that parents in Lincoln County needed a much better platform to speak, so here we are. An experiment in parent/teacher relations. I'm excited to see how this goes. Hope you will join us and maybe together we can all come up with something better for all of our kids.